Yes. No. Maybe.

Yes. No. Maybe. Used to be indecisive. Now not sure. This is not me at all. Definitive. But twice the maybe wobble this week.

The rational one. Reviewing the #Purple and #PurpleTuesday brands. How do we take the next big step. Connect with all. Remain homegrown. Humble. But unapologetic. Experts. Fine line between arrogance and self-assured. Never want to cross red lines. But push boundaries. To the limit.

The other. More confusing. The news #Channel4 are using all disabled presenters for their Winter Paralympics coverage should be a slam dunk. Pioneer broadcasters in disability. Surely a breakthrough. About time. At one level it is. Why do I feel a little uneasy.

The origins of Purple are rooted in charity. For disabled people by disabled people. An exclusive club. Definitions of disability. Not as well understood as they are today. We transformed. A tent for all who share our vision. Values. Approaches. Lived experience of disability. All comers welcome. People skills applied to the disability social model. Traction. Rapid. Movement evolved.

We mustn’t return to being an exclusive club. The Paralympics is about sport. Full stop. So not a criticism. Just a wariness.

Wobbles are a good thing. Part of growing up. My maybe’s would not have happened even two years ago. Progress.

Happy Friday. I think!

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