Who Cares. Name of a Commission I was involved in a number of years ago. Radical. No. Stretching. Absolutely. But then nothing changed. Opportunity lost. And the issues have just got deeper. More complex. While the lived experience of those affected have treaded water. The cycle of suppressed independence has to be broken.

The stories of silent carers. Still evoke. Those who looked after family members. Under the radar. Ignored. By the system. When this generation passes away the world will thud. Peril is dangerously close.

Pleased disabled celebrities have joined forces to prick public consciousness. #AdeAdepitan talking about care qualities they can’t teach in school. #ChristineMcGuinness. The most moving documentary in years about her diagnosis with neurodiversity and the story of her three children living with autism. To her and #PaddyMcGuinness. Thank you. Perceptions changed in hours. For us mere mortals it takes years. More of you needed.

Care is a tool to independence. Without care I wouldn’t have got a degree. A job. A house. And into a position of influence changing the disability conversation. Utter respect to all those who have helped me on the journey.

Care is a profession. Key skills. Maximising natural abilities. Making chemistry work. It is a life changing role. It changed mine.

Think about it Tuesday.

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