Gulp. Pinch myself. If I could. I would. New kid on the block. Two months since I heard sahm cooper live. Realisation. Tipping point reached. Next generation in place to change the disability conversation.

Time log. 3 December 2021. #InternationalDayOfPersonsWithDisabilities#Expo2020Dubai. Panel discussion. Redefining accessibility. Lived experience. Mesmerising stories. Resonated. Raw authenticity. Fierce determination. Resilience. In bucket loads. Sahm is also very different to me. Acquired his disability. A life before impairment. Had to start again. In some ways I’ve had it much easier. Know no different. You don’t miss what you haven’t had. Complete myth. Bunkum. What unites us. Difference. An equaliser. Pathway of hope. Ambition. For 1.3 billion others. The ripple effect. Enormous.

The Panel was chaired by the brilliant Nicholas Cheffings. His ability to connect the dots. Turn vignettes into modern context. Alongside Dougal Hawes from Smartbox Assistive Technology Enabling a voice to an unheard community. And Jenny Sealey who literally changed the face of theatre.

To redefine. We have to listen. And to young disabled people like Sahm. The baton is changing hands. A moment to reflect. Be inspired. Inspire. And to realise the hard work and dedication of so many will pay off.

Proud Friday.

To view the video with young people about ‘What Accessibility Means to Me’:

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