Bitesize. A modern dilemma. The road to dilution. Over simplification. Making issues feel less serious or important. Or clever. Canny. Content intense and rich. And accessible.

For all of us decisions to be made. Half glass. Compromise. Full glass. 2022 engagement.

For a theatre director #Panto is a means to a financial end. It brings in mass audiences who might catch the bug. And come to other productions overtime. The purists having to embrace #Twenty20 over test cricket. To keep the latter alive. Red lines. Yes. But if too few engage with your message channel. Change the channel. Tweak the message. So people can understand. New acolytes to the masses.

From this month #Purple365 will provide a bitesize version of our hour long webinars. Lewis Unwin will tell his incredible lived experience of epilepsy. Childhood seizures. Life changing operation. Knowing mitigating one impairment would mean living with new physical and sensory ones. Flourishing in work. A confident customer. A must see for all staff.

Organisations are increasingly supporting staff with advice on wider family issues related to disability. Why. Because it impacts on work. Expectations of a progressive employer. Ability to provide bitesize information is just the job. Dilemma over.

Happy Tuesday. Oh yes it is.

Watch the full video:
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