Backseat. Powerhouse. Providing the oomph. Photos can be deceptive. Dianne has worked as my Personal Assistant for nearly three years. While I have taken to the stage she has been the person behind the curtains making the choreography and substance work. The tick to my tock. Calm to my chaos. Ying to my yang. But boy has it worked.

A tumultuous period. Started just before the twins. Is retiring not long after Noah’s arrival. Sublime symmetry. And with Covid sandwiched in between. From intense office working to remote effectiveness not seeing each other for four months. Seamless. We adapted. We made it work. Hybrid working. Has worked for us. And for the disabled people and businesses we serve.

Contribution. Look at LinkedIn posts. She made me more punchy. Distinct. A clear message. Always. When she says I think you need to read it again. I do. And find the changes needed. Method applied to emails. Documents. Presentations. Those who know me in work. Know Dianne. And absolutely understand the vital role she plays. She will be missed by so many.

Enjoy retirement. Work through that bucket list. And know every day your dedication has set in place a legacy that will change the disability conversation.

Thank you Friday.

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