Going Potty

Going Potty. Training. That time. A rite of passage for a child. A right pain and stress for the parents. Know the drill. Been here before. However, out of sync twins made for a unique experience. One was definitely ready. One not. Me. Denial.

So what has a number two taught me. About myself. Leadership.

Teacher. Think not. A car crash. Struggled to communicate basic instructions. Assumed they knew what I was thinking. Funnily enough they didn’t. A need to be nimble. Proactively react to the situations and timings. Had Easter in my head. Events didn’t pan out. Plans changed. Adapt. And quick. Key. Realisation you cannot control all variables is liberating. But then influence a positive outcome.

The power of a carrot and stick. Or Jaffa Cake. To praise when the potty, not pants, are used. And the art of deep breaths when two steps back are taken. Win the Marathon. No Usain Bolt. Resilience and perseverance. Rome was not built in a day. Artificial deadlines don’t work. Counter-productive. Nurture not gnashing of teeth to the fore. Trust not tantrums when a puddle, or worse, is found on the carpet. History tells us it works.

And honesty about the role played. Mine. Marginal to the central player Kristine Alderman. Serene. Calm. Successful. Two more years until the next time.

Happy Tuesday.

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