Womble. No. Burnt orange. Not on your Nellie. Or words to that effect. Response from older kids when originally told the colour. Not then available so went for sand blue. A surprise awaits. When do I reveal my secret. Adaptions will take 3 months. Too cool to follow dad on social media.

Taken ten months. Problem with world Microchip shortages. Suez Canal blockage. The car has travelled the globe more than me.

Cost of disability. Adaptions worth more than car. Bespoke. Same craftsman adapted all eight cars. 18 when we started. Shared lived experience. Lifetime bond.

Access to transport transforms independence. Core variable in social mobility. Changing the disability conversation. Passengers in my car rarely speak. Mesmerised by the gadgets, lights and spaceship feel. Rather than state of anxiety about my driving skills.

Motability oversee the biggest fleet of cars in the UK. Car adaptions and/or access for families with a disabled member. Changes lives for the better. Said before. I am more disabled by inaccessible door handles than transport. Ironic my current car door fell off six weeks ago. Relied on public to open door. Astounded how many people thought a spoof TV set up. Slight disappointment it was real. But huge thank you to all those who helped. Kept me on the road. If you ever need a lift. Plenty of room in the Womble.

Secret Friday.

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