Which Arm?

Which arm? It was said with a smile. The occasion. My recent vaccine jab. I have no arms but a very short stump on my left side. The humour by the jabber showed a confidence around talking disability. It was appreciated. I was nervous and it certainly broke the ice.

I had expected the process to be disability difficult. I was prepared for questions about if and where I should be jabbed and whether a medical opinion would be required. But no.

I hadn’t booked an accessible parking space but I was ushered into a car park right next to the reception building. I had written down my reference number so didn’t need to mess around with my phone. I was told it was a good five-minute walk to the triage area but there was a golf buggy outside which would take and bring me back. No embarrassing jumping of queues. And the pre jab questions did not involve one question about my disability. In 12 minutes I was in and out.

In those 12 minutes I was not disabled. The social model of disability was alive and kicking. It was great. And I feel more safe.

I know not every disabled person will have the same experience but it was an insight into a world where the disability conversation had changed and I liked it.

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