Purple Tuesday 2021 Tourism Sector Sponsor

Purple Tuesday is delighted to announce national tourism organisations VisitEngland and VisitScotland as the tourism sector partners this year.

As Covid-19 restrictions loosen disabled people, like everyone, want to enjoy tourism again.  Together, Purple Tuesday with VisitEngland and VisitScotland, understand the needs of disabled tourists and can connect organisations to a wealth of practical guidance, good practice examples and hints and tips to make a real difference to the customer experience.

Purple Tuesday is the #1 brand for improving the disabled customer experience.  It inspires organisations, and their staff, to develop knowledge, understanding and approaches to improve access which are predominantly no cost or low cost to implement.  Pre-pandemic £17.7 billion was being spent in the Tourism industry across Great Britain by disabled people and their families.

Recent research by VisitEngland and VisitScotland published in the Covid-19 Consumer Sentiment Tracker report has revealed UK adults with a health condition or impairment report lower comfort levels conducting a range of activities in the short-term, especially going to the local shopping centre, eating at a restaurant or visiting a busy city centre.

VisitEngland Head of Business Support Ross Calladine says “In the coming months it will be key for tourism businesses to reassure people with health conditions and impairments that tourism experiences are both COVID-Secure and inclusive for all. By partnering with Purple Tuesday, VisitEngland is raising the profile of the valuable accessible tourism market and the host of support available to help businesses access the Purple Pound.”


Marina Di Duca, Inclusive Tourism Manager, VisitScotland says “We are delighted to continue our partnership work with Purple Tuesday and VisitEngland, helping to highlight the benefits of being more inclusive and accessible, for both the customer and operators. Tourism businesses with improved accessibility appeal to a wider range of visitors, not just people with disabilities – elderly people and families with babies or very young children can have additional requirements.  Tourism is a force for good – creating economic and social value in every corner of Scotland and enhancing the well-being of everyone who experiences it.  Tourism makes Scotland richer, economically and socially, and without it, Scotland would be a much poorer place.”

Mike Adams, creator and co-ordinator of Purple Tuesday, says “in the current climate reassurance is key.  Disabled people want to be tourists again, and support the industry to recover.  They will want to feel safe, know existing great practice such as booking slots and virtual tours will still be available, and any understandable restrictions will be made clear and accessible to customers before they come.  Tourism organisations can be reassured that being more accessible is typically a low cost commitment.  Getting it right is a win, win for all.”

For further information about Purple Tuesday, go to www.purpletuesday.org.uk

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