Bear by the water

Canada Calling

Bear by the waterCanada Calling


A testimonial from Vancouver Airport praising the work of Purple.  Not many people would have guessed that in January 2021, recent changes to Canadian legislation protecting disabled people led us to develop and deliver training to ‘curbside’ staff in the run up to Christmas.  The training was right within our wheel in helping an organisation improve the disabled customer experience through an ‘Ask, Listen and Act’ programme, which was delivered online.  A quote from the first disabled customer post training: “I normally get treated like a baby when I travel, but I felt normal”. That connected with me and some of my travel experiences.

The work has re-ignited my passion for travel. And Canada has been well and truly placed on my bucket list.  I have recently consumed the full six series of Schitt’s Creek, made and based in Canada, culminating in the final episode over the festive break.  The name sounds exactly how it reads but it is not!  It is about a fragmented family who were mega rich and lost everything. As a fun present during their wealth years they had bought a town in the sticks (Schitt’s Creek) and basically had no choice but to all move into a motel there.  The story is about personal growth and re-building a real family.  But overwhelmingly it is about inclusion.  You don’t have to ‘get it’, feel you are being educated or it being pushed down your throat.  Inclusion is the stick of rock that holds the entire programme – and family – together.  And it is top class comedy with brilliant characters.

People know my love for the Big Bang Theory which I have written about before.  The way in which they addressed inclusion is so similar. And like the Big Bang Theory where I came very late to the party (series 11 out of 12 was on before I started watching) Schitt’s Creek had just finished airing its final sixth series when I found it.  If you have watched it from the beginning and are a fan, please back me up here.  If you think it is Schitt then that’s fine and I am happy for you to comment to say you disagree.  If you haven’t seen it and have some time on your hands then you might want to consider it.

To avoid a different type of cold turkey I am now watching all the behind the scenes clips and interviews with the cast.  You realise the detail that goes into developing characters that become so believable and for which you connect.  You also realise what an art acting is.  Interestingly, a huge proportion of the budget went on the characters clothes, which the writers believed was instrumental in creating the connection with the audience.  They were right.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to write more, but not TV scripts by the way!  But more than just Purple reports, papers and my weekly post.  I am going to think more about the clothes I wear rather than looking like I got dressed in the dark!  It is a difficult one as I do get dressed in the dark due to the twins and all my clothes having food stained handprints over them!

Once lockdown is over and a new normal established, Canada is calling.  I will visit Vancouver Airport to experience the support given to disabled passengers.  David Attenborough has inspired the kids to get up (relatively) close and personal with Grizzly Bears.  Somebody Feed Phil (another brilliant TV programme) has made me want to taste all the cuisine Montreal offers.

And we will make a detour to a little town not far from Toronto where Schitt’s Creek was filmed.  I can feel a Fan Club badge coming!

Mike Adams
CEO, Purple
12 January 2021

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