Wanted. Inspirational individuals seeking a seismic challenge. The opportunity to create a permanent change to the disability conversation.

Driven by the frustration of warm words never translating into action. Tenacity and resilience on tap when told it can’t be done. Curious and with fierce determination to achieve.

This role is for people in for the long haul. The deadline for Mission Complete is 31 December 2031. My twins are two. They will be 12½. The legacy you will leave will be enormous. Their disabled peers will be friends, work colleagues, leaders of tomorrow. Not defined by disability. The twins won’t blink. Ultimate success.

Individuals from every industry needed to apply vision and action within their professional world. A new social curriculum. From schools, housing, health to engineering, science and finance. Everything covered. Emma Palmer and Amrit Singh have already been recruited. We are on a roll.

No pay. Ample reward. The work is not commissioned. You are joining the bigger us in making a difference. Work starts now. The outline vision will be our Christmas present to LinkedIn readers. Expect some late nights. There is a lot to do.

No need to tell you we are an equal opportunities movement. Feels great.

New hashtag Friday.

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