Unlocking Potential

The new disability language. Unlocking potential. Community Gateway. Inclusive neighbourhoods. Resident-led services. Meet Eastlight Community Homes, Purple Tuesday’s sector partner for housing. We talk the same. We have the same intent.

In the UK housing often gets associated with status. For disabled people it is a symbol. Independence. Progression. Increasing liberty. A huge indicator the life of the disabled person is changing. Integrating into the fabric of our communities.

Housing is one of those pillars in changing the disability conversation. I had the real pleasure of meeting Eastlight Community Homes staff in a recent online session. A stunning bunch that made me tingle. In a virtual world coming off mute is a sign of engagement. Understanding. Proactive commitment. It was there in bucket loads. No chat box needed. Prompt questions dispensed.

Momentum. Staff wearing Purple Tuesday t-shirts with a link to explain why the disabled customer matters. Brilliant. Educational. And a catalyst for really changing culture. A template for how economic and social values can chime.

Housing is not just about bricks and mortar. But voice. And it is starting to get very loud.

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