Niggle. Not sure why. Long Covid. We have all seen and read about the debilitating health effects it has caused. People have left jobs, not knowing whether they will ever be able to return. Protection from workplace discrimination is paramount.

I have spoken at length about the diversity of impairment under the umbrella of disability. People with long term health conditions are right there front and central.

Long Covid is a new condition. It affects 376,000 people and is rising. A majority of these people have symptoms over 12 months which is widely and legally regarded as the threshold for disability. No-one knows if Long Covid is permanent or full recovery expected. Or will fluctuate like a lot of other conditions. For those continuing to work, reasonable adjustments is common sense. Retaining talent is non-negotiable. For those unable to work we have a welfare system to be proud.

But extinct language is seeping back. Bad days. Unions suggest these individuals should be categorised disabled to claim the compensation due. A label that shrieks deficit. No.

We talk inclusion. Not incapacity. Individuals with Long Covid need support and equality of opportunity. Forward momentum needed. We owe it to everyone.

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