Wanted. Needed. Required. Indispensable. Can’t do without me. All have experienced these emotions. Provides an anchor. Preens an ego. Line is sometimes quite fine.

Date day. A slug of protected time once a month. Kids at school. Nursery. And baby Noah still sleeps. A time for Kristine Alderman and me. Feels like work truancy. Nonsense. But it does strange things. Loo breaks become flash mobile moments. What is going on. Why are people not inundating me. Must be carnage at the ranch. It isn’t.

And then you adapt. Cherish the time. Yearn for more. Talk. Engage. Re-find the why. Realise the world carries on. The ship steers without you. The number 47 bus would create short-term disruption. But Purple would survive. Thrive. Tipping point reached. No more simply Mike’s mission. But a movement moving. Proud. Relief. Progress.

Date day is fixed around food. Early breakfast. Late lunch. Different venues. Don’t want people talking. Prompted to muse by #goodfoodtalks. Providing accessible menu’s for blind and visually impaired customers. And all those who prefer listening to menu’s than read. Changing the disability conversation while we eat. More eateries signing up each week. Thank you Côte BrasserieCafe RougeNando’s UK & IRE. My kind of food. My kind of brands.

Tuck in Tuesday.

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