Frisson. Excitement. Certainly a let up not down. Met Isaac Harvey this week. Face to face. Hugely impressive. A LinkedIn lightning rod. Different generations but remarkably similar.

Challenges growing up as a disabled person. Fight for independence. Real choice. Battling to excel in a profession. Him. A video editor. But drawn in. Seduced. Sharing lived experiences so powerfully to change the conversation. He has got 7 million views. I have not. And yes. We have related disabilities. Kindred spirits who have collided.

Delighted Isaac has agreed to become a Purple Tuesday Ambassador. He joins a stellar cast of individuals’ intent on improving the disabled customer experience. Thank you Martyn SibleyKerry Thompson#SophieMorgan#RuthPatterson#KellyKnoxMark Esho MBE Esho and Stephen Brookes MBE.

Commonality. Supporting businesses to be more inclusive. To build their brands. Widen their market. Drive quality for all. Advocates. Not adversaries. Education. Not enmity. Help. Not Health and Safety excuses. Purchase. Not pity.

Momentum building. You can see it. Feel it. Hear it. Touch it. Plans are coming together. Disabled people and businesses are coming together. The intellectual property rights for accessibility solutions jointly owned. A new movement mobilised which is going places. And fast.

Frisson Friday.

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