Forsyth. Frederick. Author extraordinaire. Transformed my teenage years. Espionage. Escapism. First ever page turner. Exposure to a blend of fact. And fiction. A history lesson. #TheOdessaFile. A story of brutality. Inhumanity. Atrocity in a post-nazi world. The parallels with today are chilling. I think of Odesa (spelt differently). What is happening. Will happen. A City. Country. People. Being obliterated. #Ukraine. Reprehensive. Abhorrent. A stain on the world. My lifetime.

A glimmer of sunshine in a social media obsessed world. #WorldBookDay is a powerful and uniting light. To celebrate last week one twin went as Mog the cat. Fiercely independent she is insistent it is Cat the cat. But knows the robber in the book is naughty. The other as Duggee from #HeyDuggee. Surprisingly educational. Humorous. And popular looking at the nursery staff. My eldest son was #PercyJackson. No. Nor did I. My oldest an Anime creation. I didn’t even ask. And my youngest as #DearZoo. Favourite Children’s Book.

Books tell a story. Captivate imagination. Teach. Educate. And offer an outlet which isn’t screen; telling you what to think. I am going back to reading. #TheDayofTheJackal is next on my list.

A post of extremes. Reflective of our time.
Yellow and blue Friday.

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