Unintentional Pressure

Unintentional pressure. Words from the advisor to EastEnders about the current schizophrenia storyline. Trying to live up to ‘other people’s dreams’ the catalyst for his mental health issues. I think we can all recognise that.

I don’t watch EastEnders. I don’t have the stamina. I have my own daily soap opera life! But I do know the power of these shows and its influence on public awareness and understanding of perceived taboo subjects. I remember the first lesbian kiss on Brookside. How far we have travelled.

Unintentional pressure can equally be applied to, and by ourselves, and in very clever subtle ways. I was adamant I didn’t want a career in disability. I wanted to prove I was so much more than what I looked like. Even after acceptance I am now driven to be the absolute best I can be to show I am more than just how I look. A wake up call for me. Work hard. Yes. Be hard on yourself at times. But be kind to you. Being kind allows you to be kinder for the benefit of others.

Writing two LinkedIn posts a week has created unintentional pressure and turned my hair a grey tint! It can be very hard when the inspiration well is running low. But it has also made me a better me and I have learned to love it.

Live your dreams. Not other people’s.

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