Purple Sky

Purple Sky. My first TV appearance of the year. And from my spare room. Last week the Government launched its #NationalDisabilityStrategy. An annual leave day. How very inconvenient. The phone went and it was Sky. Can you do a piece with us? Difficult to say no. We will Zoom you in an hour.

I am known to Sky from previous interviews. They didn’t ask for my job title, so I didn’t say anything. I assumed. They assumed. Disability Activist. I haven’t been called that for a very long time. Interesting the assumptions they made. Or perhaps how they wanted to frame it.

I am not political in that way. I stick to wanting to change the disability conversation. If people follow, then great. I welcome the strategy. A focus on the lives of disabled people – 22% of the UK population – is very important and should be broadcast. As I said on camera the key will be whether it contributes to day-to-day changes in a positive way. The jury is out.
For those interested I will write a personal analysis over the coming weeks and happy to share.

I tried to encourage my two older kids to watch Dad on TV. Not interested. The twins cried because I wasn’t Peppa Pig! I really need to improve my domestic influencing skills before taking on wider challenges.

Happy Friday.

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