Swoosh. The sound of an arrow thudding into a target. Never thought I would be captivated listening to Archery on the radio. It brought back memories attempting the sport at 11. I used my teeth to pull back the bow. Eyes sideways to take aim. An adrenaline rush as it landed in gold. Well, once. I was kindly reminded how many body parts I was already missing and whether I could afford to lose my teeth. Vanity kicked in. So I retired from the sport.

The action of #SimoneBiles last week might prove a game changer across all sports and wider society. The response to her mental health issues have been overwhelmingly positive and generally understood. She has rightly been applauded. Not castigated. Her legacy will be so much more than just being the greatest female gymnast. I have spoken about mental health being the biggest social challenge. And the taboo being smashed. On a world stage she has nearly achieved this overnight.

She has talked so positively about the issue. A part of who she is and proud. I have been asked if I would ever want arms and longer legs. No. Because I then wouldn’t be me. I quite like me. And when society accepts and adapts to Simone and me then it won’t matter.

Let’s all aim for that bullseye.

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