More Del Boy than Dior

I am more your Del Boy than Dior. On my bucket list. To be an entrepreneur. The glamour. Lifestyle. Freedoms. Ability to do my own thing.

The reality. Feeling trapped. 24/7. A huge amount of pressure intensified by the pandemic.

Sitting in a ball pit I was chatting to a soft play owner. The twins idea of Nirvana. Despite everything his family business wanted my advice on how he could be more accessible. He runs sessions for disabled people but wanted to ‘integrate’ rather that ‘separate’. Real leadership that will change the disability conversation. Happy to be in the support cast.

My friend, Nicky Leach, has just set up The Spiral Hub and is changing the way we do change. Putting people and planet at the forefront to make social impact a reality and not merely words. And she will.

Skills required to be a successful entrepreneur. Drive. Vision. Determination. Three ticks. Self-discipline. Uber organisation. I am missing in action too often.

More disabled people are translating their inherent entrepreneurial skills into setting up a business. More control in shaping destiny and making that difference. To be inspiring you need to be inspired. I am by them.

Lovely Jubbly Friday.

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