One day we will be running this town

One day we will be running this town. I don’t want to be competing with a mop. The utter irony was not lost on all of us listening to young disabled consumers last week on the #Purple365 webinar. These individuals are the next generation leaders. And having to trade their dignity if accessible toilets are a store cupboard, locked or out of order. Plain wrong.

Sent shivers down my spine as I remember turning into a Camel every time I went out. Hump. So would you if the fear of wetting yourself in public was greater than the enjoyment of being out. Uncomfortable to read. Difficult to write. Put yourself in those disabled people’s shoes next time you see an out of order sign.

Last week I was on TV again frustrated a blind couple had been turned away from two restaurants because they had assistance dogs. Come on. It’s 2021. I did feel sorry for the staff who thought they were following rules and had no disability training. For organisations no longer acceptable a nice to have. But a must have.

Watch the video. Listen. A request from young disabled people for common sense. Respect. Courtesy. No more. But no less.

I won’t beg you to buy staff what you need and should have. Direct message me for the 365 information.

You owe it to the next generation.

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