Taking a Break

Taking a break. Not a fake one staying at home but continuing to work full pelt. Quality time with my kids and partner. They deserve it. Huge sacrifices are made to allow me to do what I do. Brilliant cheerleaders. My strength. And absolute inspiration for what I write.

We, and that includes you, have achieved a lot this year. From one lengthy blog post a week to two shorter musings. It works for me. And, I think you.

What ground we have covered. The inclusive jab. Bat out of Hell. Adaptive clothing. Green cars. Purple Tuesday. Tourism. Climate change.

I try to tell a contemporary story in my own way, drawing on lived experience. It connects. Resonates. Focused on changing the disability conversation. And we have started a new movement #DisabilityConversation31. Inspired by my twins we will be designing a new social curriculum through the lens of 12/13 year olds. Planning for their life in 10 years. Three briefing meetings and a great band of others to help.

The autumn will be busy. Pads and pens all over the house with scribbled notes for new post ideas. And there is Purple Tuesday. National Inclusion Week. Expo in Dubai. And being a Dad again all before Christmas!

Rest and then revolution. Back on 3 September at 10.05am.

Happy two weeks.

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