Blinking Gravy

Blinking gravy. Love the stuff. But. So nearly converted me into a hypocrite.

For two years the Adams family has relented from knowingly eating or using products with palm oil. We watched programmes about its extraction from the forests in Borneo and elsewhere. And the devastating impact on the lives of native Orangutans.

Pre-Covid, and now again, our family shopping trips take an eternity as every label is read. Brands that make crackers, bread, Christmas chocolate boxes and health and beauty products are on the long list of no no’s – aah! … and gravy.

Having conviction and sticking to it – even for Sunday roast – is hard work. An investment.

I see parallels with disability. People understand what is right. Fair. And barriers that disadvantage, or worse, should not exist. People support the cause. Moving from an armchair supporter to living your beliefs every day is an altogether different leap. Employers can employ disabled people. Shops, restaurants and other venues can improve the disabled customer experience. Policy and intent has to become practice to avoid warm words becoming weasel ones.

We went to #ColchesterZoo last week and came face to face with 3 Orangutans. In a split second we knew. We all smiled. Gravy remains on the list.

Conviction Friday.

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