Tipsy Tree

Look who’s back. Tipsy Tree. Last year it was in the top 5 of most read posts. More concern about my liver than lived experience! A wine lovers’ advent calendar. Each window holds a small bottle of (red) wine. Opened each day. The challenge to guess the country of origin. Grape. Price point. School report. I am getting better. Room for improvement.

The Tree is also an anchor. The last leg of another exhausting year. Too easy to focus on what still hasn’t been done. Deeply frustrated at my lack of Disability Conversation 31 progress. A band of brilliant volunteers recruited. Wanted to give you the outline prospectus as a Christmas present. A Valentine one instead.

A lot has been achieved. Survival in a lockdown riddled 12 months. No. We have thrived. I guess what we do connects. Changing the disability conversation. Purple Tuesday. Purple 365. Expo 2020 Dubai. More presentations than ever.

Pride in seeing impact. Organisations making a real difference. And measuring progress. Staff with growing confidence. Whipping up a positive storm. Just about to take off.

Two weeks. And then a proper two weeks off. Much needed.

Malbec Friday. Or is it Rioja? I will let you know later!

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