Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise. Not quite. Pamela and Mike. Mum and Son. Road Trip plus. Feel privileged. Lucky. Taken Mum away from Dad for five days. Enabled her to bucket list tick. Twice. To the top of the Burj Khalifa. And see her Son doing what he does.

She has enabled me. I need a level of personal care when away. Not much. But enough not to be independent. With three children under 3 – one just 4 weeks – my partner was tied up. Or tied down.

In recent months we have seen my parents frequently. Making up for the huge period when we didn’t. With five children you never finish a sentence let alone a conversation!

For Mum. Redemption. A sense of triumph. Never believing or knowing what would happen when I was born. If only I had known then. A phrase she tearfully – but proudly – choked out continuously. For all parents a resonance with that sentence. For parents of disabled children. Palpable. And why, with passion, the disability conversation needs to change. For all parents. A message of hope.

Slight worry. After Road Trip she remained unclear what I did. Success. The proof will be in the eating Mike. A dollop of humble pie for me. Some things with Mums are constant.

Make it your mission this week to ensure you finish a sentence. Have a conversation. With someone you love. No Road Trip needed to do that.

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