Flash of Racing Green

Flash of racing green. Sharp bends and steep inclines. The only vehicle on the road. Melding into a woodland wonderland. The accessibility bus. Elevated a much needed family break into a truly inclusive experience.

Assumed. Accepted limitations. Reality. Liberating. Tiring. Thank you Neil, Dan, Jim and Carol. The bus drivers and Guest Services Co-ordinator. #CenterParcsWoburn. You should be proud. With wheelchair, three young children and only one pair of hands we packed for a low key weekend with films, chocolate and some claret for Dad! Instead. Hello Father Christmas in his Covid-safe Grotto. The excitement on the twins faces. Jaw dropping to witness. A breakfast trip to the Pancake House. New year boot camp for me! The opportunity to meet some Elves busy at work. Retail therapy. And access to the subtropical swimming paradise. With fully accessible changing rooms integrated into the natural flow of the system. Never seen before. The norm. Yes please.

Disability. Done discreetly. Delightful. The secret of being really inclusive. In a recent Purple video a young person talking about what accessibility means to them said, ‘When I become not an issue’. Last weekend I became not an issue. Just another customer looking for a great experience.

I did. We did. Happy Friday.

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