Booster. Buttocks. Bloody Hell. No. Thank you. Response to a third jab option last week. Due to a need for ventilation and speed of vaccinations there was little privacy. Exposure. The world was not ready for the sight of my bottom. So it went in my left stump again. Scratch. No. It hurt. And ached like hell for two days. Ironically. It was disabling.

Overall, another inclusive jab experience. Three in a row. Not luck. This is systemic. In a really positive way. Never did I believe a bi-product of Covid would be a key indicator of the disability conversation changing. Sometimes you need to look very hard to find specks of gold.

Given Christmas I wanted to share a book that has pushed the inclusion boundaries. Not about disability but includes disabled characters. They are not the story. My point last week about accessibility and not being the issue. On each page a QR code which offers audio description and sign language interpretation (by the superb Joel Barish) to complement the written narrative. Brilliant. The future of stories. And the core message is one for every family. The true meaning of Christmas. The sacrifices made for others. So apt in these times. Jennifer Camulli. A standout new author. Remember where you heard the name first. Inclusion is coming. Happy Tuesday.

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