Rapid Reflections

Rapid reflections. Airport analysis. Draw breath. Four days. Full on. New Covid strain closing in. Feels eerily safe here. Steadfast wearing of masks. Every step taken. A form of sanitizer follows. I really haven’t taken it personally.

Momentous. Analytics for another day. Purple Tuesday 2022 launched. International initiative. Crikey. Global Partners. Standard Chartered BankSHL. Take a bow. Modelling disability inclusion. For staff. Customers. Investors. Built environment. Online environment.

EnableAll introduced to the world. A cat well and truly out of the bag. If I could purr I would. Very start of the journey. Disabled People’s voices. Insights. Will determine whether we are able to enable all.

Merchant interest. Flipping the e-commerce landscape. Accessibility at the heart of a shopping led experience. For all consumers. Disabled ghetto. No thanks. Have lived in one of those for too long. We are done. Tomorrow is a new day. The disability conversation is changing. With global bells and whistles.

Next stop. Isolation. PCR test to be done on landing. Then waiting desperately for something negative to happen. And then positive. Baby Noah getting birth registered this week. Proud Dad is coming home.

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