Six Seconds

Six seconds. It equates to the length of time to read this post so far. I have learned six seconds can make a huge difference to the lives of those on the neurodiverse spectrum. A time to process and respond accordingly, often outside of the box and with unique insight.

GCHQ are actively recruiting apprentices with neurodiverse conditions. Spotting patterns in data that others don’t. Seeing outliers and anomalies. Preventing a terrorist attack or serious organised criminal gangs in a world of high tech cyber security. Who would have thought disabled people are driving tomorrow’s employment conversation? If I could skip I would.

And it’s shaking up the recruitment industry and how it responds. Video applications. Mind maps at interviews. Solution focused questions. Teasing out the talent rather than working out the rules of the game. I am delighted to be working with SHL who are making selection tests more inclusive and supporting more diverse management teams. The absolute future.

Before the first lockdown Purple had just launched a programme with our partner, Quarsh to support organisations just like GCHQ. The demand is now greater. Opportunity. Action.

Reflect for six seconds. And now do something about it.

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