Over Egging the Cake

Over egging the cake. Has worked very hard. Applying theory to the issues of the day. Mastery of all building blocks needs further work. Self-reflections from a midsummer review of the year.

Purple is still going and growing. Others are not. We are onto something.

Partnering with eBay for Purple Tuesday 2021 is huge. Credibility has rocketed as has its potential for deep and widespread change. Other big hitters to follow.

We are equipping staff in organisations to change the disability conversation. The webinars and handy hint resources each month #PurpleTuesday365 are cutting through. From search engine optimisation to toilets, nothing is beyond accessibility reach.

But we are not reaching enough people. It is easy to sell something when it’s free. Getting people to buy, invest and imbibe is the Everest. Organisations need to pay their entrance fee. Utilising all persuasion powers to sell a bargain means something is not right. I must do better.

On a personal front my four children and partner have come through a tough lockdown. Being pregnant (partner not me!) has caused further restrictions but better now the vaccine is differently inclusive for mothers to be. The icing on that over egged cake.

Happy Friday.

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