First Time

First time. Probably the last. Sharing a photo of me with the twins. Holding my finger and each other’s hand on a day out to celebrate their 2nd birthday.

An image that represents the new normal we are striving to create. But photos can be deceptive. Pan back and you will see people staring and hear comments by adults and children. The twins are blissfully unaware. They are with their Dad and can see the miniature train he has promised. Their Mum is right behind, keeping a close eye and capturing the moment.

For those intimidated by the new normal. Be inspired by these two-year-olds. View being out as natural, not abnormal. Value time out and not a sense of vulnerability. Enjoy rather than be anxious. Loving it rather than ‘looked at’ has to win.

I have talked about a ten-year journey to make permanent a new disability conversation. The twins will be 12. The outcome. As we pan out from this photo again we will simply be ignored. People getting on and not noticing us. Blending in has become the norm.

For those who doubt. Believe. If you don’t see or get it. Reimagine the photo again. Show others.

The miniature train was not quite as sedate as I had expected. But it made two people even happier!

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