Humbled. I have you lot to blame. Sorry. I mean to thank.

It is a huge privilege to be shortlisted in the Shaw Trust #DisabilityPowerlist100 most influential disabled people in the UK. An honour. A responsibility. Accolades. What you do with them counts. So here goes.

Bringing a new audience to disability. You have helped me craft the changing the disability conversation narrative. A 10 year vision to make these changes permanent. Over the past few months we have covered the inclusive vaccine, speed awareness programmes, fashionable clothing, deodorant alongside employment, education and the disabled customer.

My promise to you. A detailed framework for delivering this Vision by Christmas. Warm words into milestones. Commitment to deliver. Your New Year resolution.

We have a great platform from which to accelerate. My Covid reflections one year on set key immediate themes: Mental Wellbeing, Online Accessibility and the voice of young disabled people at its core.

And we are making the issue global. From New Zealand to America and across to Denmark and Poland disability matters. 2022 will be our global Breakthrough Moment at World Expo in Dubai. 26 January.

A glass or two of red wine Friday.

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