Pride 2021

Awe. Inspired. Enthralled. And a dash of envy. Over the past month I have watched, listened, observed and absorbed learning from the Pride activities to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

A positive impact. Acceptance. And an issue entirely in sync with our society. In fact, an issue shaping our modern society.

I met Ben Summerskill about 15 years ago at a meeting and was utterly blown away. He was CEO of Stonewall . He had dollops of passion, an armoury of facts, a compelling narrative, case studies to illustrate the nonsense of discrimination, and a plan to get businesses on side. He became the template for what I wanted to be and how to harness what I had for disability.

I don’t pretend to have lived experience. But I understand the fear of difference, inequality and hostility for being me. And how people like Ben can help to shift the views of our society. There are thousands of disabled people in the community that face multiple layers of discrimination. I was supported by David, a friend I recently wrote about; a gay man able to translate his experiences to the disability prejudice I was likely to face when growing up.

Pride and Purple. Kindred spirits. Another disability conversation we have to change.

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