My Dad Loves Toilets

My Dad loves toilets. He was on the telly last night talking about them. Memories evoked. Seems like a yesteryear. My son innocently telling a really important stakeholder. In the middle of a busy supermarket. I turned redder than a cherry tomato. First ever live broadcast interview. From my kitchen. iPad balanced against a Christmas gift box. Precarious . In so many ways. Purple had just introduced #HelpMeSpendMyMoney. Trojan Horse for #PurpleTuesday.

Let you into a secret. I neglected to mention our initiative at all. Immersed in the story of toilets and #Changing Places.

Today. #WorldToiletDay. My kind of day. But Changing Places is not simply about toilets. But dignity. Respect. Consider going into town for the day. And not being able to go to the loo. Bladder can’t survive. Forfeit all pride. Total humiliation. Degrading. For too many people. A reality.

For too long facilities seen as too expensive. Humanity has to win at all costs.

Changing Places is changing the landscape. Understanding. A recent Government announcement will mean 500+ more facilities right across England. The ripple effect will be enormous.

A brilliant example of lived experience leading change. And why the disability conversation has to be a different one. For individuals. Families. Communities. Basic needs. No longer declined. Non-negotiable. Think about that the next time you go to the loo.

Toilet Friday.

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