Questions. A wise wag once told me it is better to ask the right questions than depend only on what you know. Prescient. The ability to make more things happen. Transform. Become the enabler. Not the limiter. Funny how human nature defaults you to the latter. Move. And you become part of a movement. Next week I am testing this wag’s wisdom to the limit. I will be abroad. On stage. Introducing something very new. Innovative. I was. I am. A luddite. With the right questions I am repositioning. As a leader. Ready to unleash.

The same wisdom can be applied to independence. Not constrained only by what you can do. But what you can enable. For you. For all. A step change in opportunity. Contribution. The dependency disappears. Or, at least, is mitigated. Leads to more choice. Control. Alongside independence they are the guiding pillars by which, I, and many others have lived our lives.

A flock of seagulls. A determination of disabled people. Sounds right. Apt. You can see the new movement. Directional leaders. Mark WebbMark EshoKerry ThompsonKeely Cat-WellsMartyn SibleyIsaac HarveySophie Morgan. The shining lights who are illuminating. With others. Disabled. Non-disabled. Changing the conversation.

The event next week will be live steamed. Will send out the link in good time.

Traction Tuesday.

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