#Bliss. Tomorrow it is #WorldPrematurityDay. Personal. Kristine Alderman and I wanted to share some album photos of the twins at birth to raise awareness. A glimpse of life for parents of 100,000 babies a year. A beacon of glowing light at the end of a tunnel.

Being on a neo natal unit is surreal. Another world. The noise hits you. It is mesmeric. Transfixes. The b-pap and c-pap monitors. Saturation levels. Please don’t drop below 90. The constant beeping. And the dread the beeping stops. A form of torture. Out of body experience. But somehow soothing.

For most people the new world is sudden. Unexpected. When you leave the unit for fresh air you ache. The umbilical cord gets cut again. Over two years ago. Etched. Vivid. Like yesterday. A memory where there is no delete button. Thank goodness. In some ways.

Bliss exists to give every baby born prematurely or sick the best chance of survival. Quality of life for all.

When my Mum held baby Noah last week I could see and feel the tears. When I was born there was no Bliss. Having to come home and tell my elder siblings I wasn’t well. Didn’t know what to say. How she needed support.

Very proud Purple staff and family have raised over £200 which has been match funded by the magnificent CareTech Charitable Foundation.

Tomorrow. Find something that beeps. Immerse yourself for one minute. Don’t allow it to irritate. Irk. But be inspired. Pure Bliss.

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