Instinctive. Reaction. What does the visual say to you. Which emotion has been tugged. A barrier. Restricting access to protect. A scaffold to provide an extra layer of support to hold a person when you have no arms. Or a loving embrace between a dad and his daughter.

This week I was back in the saddle with the fantastic Sarah ChorusEllie Barrs, and supported by Tom Durie as we started the latest #PowerOfChoice journey. A programme for talented disabled people wanting to career progress. Fundamentally. An exploration of yourself and the relationship with your impairment as you grow as a leader. Over simplistic. But. Crucial to being a whole person. Authentic. Showing disability is integral to what makes you. Not leaving disability at the virtual or visible work (or other) front door. I clearly can’t. For people with hidden disabilities there is more of a choice.

Key component. Self-determination. A growth or fixed mindset. Good news. You can control. And reassuringly, you can change. I have seen it through previous programmes. Disability becomes a gem. Not a stone. An attribute. Not an apology. All about the initial stimuli. Way of thinking. Framing an issue. Realism. Not rose tinted. Disability is not cost free. But you can make it a valued part of who you are.

Mindset can also have nothing to do with disability. Glass half full. Half empty. Look at the picture again.

Frontier pushing Friday.

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