Contradiction. Guilty. Exposed under podcast cross-examination by the brilliant prosecution host Harshit Bhardwaj. Quoted saying years ago my experience at a boarding school for specialist education was the best thing that could have happened. Yes. Back then. But no way on my watch for my children. And to be clear. Today I would expect to attend mainstream education. Non-negotiable decision. One not afforded to my parents. Education would have been denied at my local school. Attainment expectations. Zero. Sliding doors. Not in 2022.

Memory bank rekindled when I read ‘an impossible battle that crushes your soul and takes all your energy.’ A mum talking about the constant fight for SEN support as the Government announced more funding to target earlier intervention. Drop. Ocean. Spring to mind.

Troubled the media coverage remains so outdated. Editorial focuses on early intervention as a means to deal with less later in life. No. This is about basic opportunity. Equality. Not management of downstream social cost. SEN co-ordinators perceived as monitors. I know a few. Facilitators of learning. Isolated in the current education ecosystem. Parents of disabled children struggle to navigate over complex system. Potential being stifled.

Changing the disability education conversation. Must do better.

Touched a nerve Tuesday.

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