The Magic of Meatballs

The Magic of Meatballs


I will be taking a break from my weekly post for the remainder of August.  It has been a real privilege sharing my thoughts each week on a topic or two.  The fact the majority of time has been during Covid-19 lockdown has added an extra dimension.  I am grateful to those who have been extremely kind and have liked and shared accordingly.  Equally, I have appreciated the constructive feedback about the posts being rather too formulaic (I agree with that – it is the only way I can write) and a bit twee (not done on purpose but will take on board).

Whatever you think I hope you will continue to read and share.  The aim is to provide an insight into my life, what I think and most importantly the work of Purple and what we are trying to achieve.

I, like a lot of people, will not be going away this summer. Instead, as a family, we will be taking a number of days out. Building the itinerary has been very democratic. Each of us listed three things we would like to do – big or small – but all activities had to fit into the family budget. I will let you know what the meatballs are like these days at Ikea!

Have a great few weeks and look forward to catching up again in early September.

Mike Adams
CEO, Purple
11 August 2020

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