Shortcut Seduction.

Shortcut seduction. Corner cutting consequences. Wrong path. Off the scent. Finger on the wrong pulse. Dare I say it. Perceptions of being lazy.

Close encounter of my own kind. Pile of festive break reading. Inform forthcoming Purple and Purple Tuesday initiatives. Vital for kickstarting 2022. Approach taken. Read first page. Read conclusion. Skimmed the middle. Guessing game how the dots all joined. Two wasted days. Flipping frustrated. With myself. Had to start again. Properly. Discipline restored.

1 January 2021. Febrile seizure. Twin went blue. Rushed to hospital. Worst three days of my life. 31 January 2021. Projectile vomiting by other twin. If my 2021 story was in that festive pile. Total misinterpretation. A narrative lost. A thriller. Not a tear jerking novella.

Lessons learned. Read every page. In sequence. Invest in the characters. Enjoy the twists and turns. Don’t just look for blitz and glitz. Vignettes of resilience. Determination. Overcoming barriers. Equally powerful. Use your imagination. Become involved in the journey.

The story. Can you tell your own story? Written in your own words. Authentic. Inspire. Excite. Educate. Let’s build a library of lived experience. We can change the disability conversation. Together.

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