Lasered. Rapidly coming to the conclusion I need to be proactive about my eyesight. In denial for a while now. One really strong eye that has always compensated for the much weaker one. Funnily, I am very left sided. Left stump for an arm. Left leg longer than the right. So with right eye much stronger I have kidded myself this provides balance. Equilibrium for a lopsided person! Burning the midnight oil most nights. I am starting to struggle in non-natural light. I am long-sighted. So with pen in mouth pressed close to paper it becomes a double whammy. Difficult for me to wear glasses. Vanity excuse. That era has passed. But practicalities remain. Sunglasses experience involves constant tongue and finger smudges. Sunshine. More like heavy mist when I wear them. Laser treatment. Guilty of being scared. Needed a push. Got two this week. 250 people a day start to lose their sight in the UK. Stark. Early intervention and technology can make a huge difference. Brilliant inputs from Support 4 Sight and RNIB at our first #Purple365 webinar of 2022. A trip to #Southend and a push down the Pier blowing off the cobwebs with 9 week Noah providing a thunderous (and cold) reminder of what I could miss seeing. With other physical limitations deteriorating eyesight becomes more complex. Get it sorted Friday.

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