Recording. Knew it was serious when a microphone was delivered to my house. Spoken before about the Breakthrough Moments Programme and positioning disability as an issue of global significance at the delayed Expo 2020 Dubai later this year. That moment arrived this week.

Nervous. Excited. In equal measure. Messing up. Not an option. One shot to make a real impact.

Coping under pressure. My default mechanism is learning everything by rote. Practice. And more practice. Always know my introduction lines, however, the first question is cast. It is my spring to get going. Momentum. And becoming authentic in an artificial environment.

Under pressure. A different kind of relationship with my bladder. We have a lot of interaction. More than non-pressure days. I also tend to recoil and become much quieter. Not useful for a podcast. And my demeanor becomes dour. Half glass empty. The opposite of me.

This week I have been different. Inspired. By an 18 year old. #EmmaRaducanu has shown the world what hard work, resilience, coming back from setbacks and enjoying the moment can achieve. With talent. In one forehand she has created a huge change for so many. Changed the conversation.

I want to be part of that kind of movement for disabled people. It can be done. And with a smile.

Happy Friday.

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