Personal. Powerful. Pitiless. People.

Personal. Powerful. Pitiless. People. Bookended by Purpose and Purple. You know the purpose of Purple is to change the disability conversation. I bang on about it enough. These other words bring our purpose to life.

Last week I told my story to the Purpose Collective. Personal connects. Resonates. Inspires. I was inspired by Claire Clews. Her purpose to stand and walk her daughter down the aisle. A car accident changed her life. Mission accomplished.

My biggest Purple achievement. Supporting an individual with mental health issues to travel on a bus independently. To this day it gives me goosebumps.

Stories are powerful. A mechanism to release the stop button. The growing number of adverts where brands associate themselves with world issues. Beer and a washing powder aligning to climate change. Why? Linking brand and consumers to a purpose. Probably! So, advertising agencies find a brand who identifies with changing the disability conversation and make it happen.

Made up word but all done pitilessly. Without pity. Yesterday’s narrative. Not tomorrow’s. Claire needs support. Equity. Not pity.

People make purpose. Have it? Polish it every day. Shine. Glint. If not, proactively search and make it your mission to find one.

Purpose Tuesday.

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