Purple Launch Leicester City Service

Purple has launched a new service in Leicester City today, bringing its unique offer to disabled people, their support networks, and local businesses across the East Midlands. Following a competitive tender process in late 2017, Purple was announced as a ‘preferred provider’ for the delivery of the new Direct Payment Support Service contract by Leicester City Council. From then until now, Purple have been working to establish their new base, ready to commence delivery of their services.

Direct Payments are a Government initiative allowing disabled people greater choice and control over how their assessed needs are met. Instead of a Local Authority organising the care or other support required, the disabled person receives the money directly, enabling them to choose how their care and/or other support needs, as assessed by a social worker, is delivered. Local Authorities commission third parties, where they are unable to provide the service in-house, to provide support to disabled people in receipt of direct payments, with advice and guidance, and payment services for those who employ their own PAs and carers directly.

Susan Allen, Head of Development for Purple’s support services to disabled people says:

‘I am delighted Purple was successful in its bid to deliver support services to disabled people in Leicester, and we are excited to be bringing our new and modern approach to disability, to the City. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be talking to our new customers and listening to their views on both our service delivery and also what they want from a Direct Payment Support Service provider in 2018’

Purple’s service includes the above, as well as new and innovative ways of delivery enabling their customers to have increased control over the management of their Direct Payment. This includes Purple Match, a digital platform which connects disabled people with PAs and carers, and a new Customer Portal enabling payment service customers to access their account details in real time.

Purple brings 23 years of experience of delivering support services for disabled people, through its legacy organisation, ecdp. Purple currently provides Direct Payment support to six local authorities, working with over 4,000 disabled people. They also work with 10 CCGs, supporting customers with long term health conditions to manage their ‘Personal Health Budgets’ – the healthcare equivalent of Direct Payments.

Purple’s vision to change the conversation on disability, means they uniquely offer support services to both disabled people and business, with the aim of improving disability employment and enabling businesses to access a wider consumer market. Purple CEO, Mike Adams OBE, says:

‘At Purple, we have recognised you are not going to be able to make much impact and instigate real societal change if you act in isolation. We aim to bring together both sides of the disability conversation – employer and employee, business and customer – to support both to realise the potential of the other, and create real opportunities together’

Organisations are able to become a member of Purple, receiving support to become disability confident in their approach to both employees and customers, as well as benefitting from brand alignment with Purple. With the ‘Purple Pound’, the spending power of disabled consumers, being worth £249 billion per year, disability is a commercial issue which more and more businesses are realising.

Purple’s new Leicester City office officially opens as of Thursday 5 April due to staff induction and training, but they can be contacted on 01245 392300 or by email to hello@wearepurple.org.uk before that date.

If you are a current Leicester City Direct Payment customer, and wish to get in touch with Purple, please contact them on leicester@wearepurple.org.uk or 0116 2014555.

For more information on Purple’s Direct Payment Support Services, please click here.

 For more information on Purple’s offer to business, please click here.

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