Passion. See it. Hear it. Feel it. Can’t buy it. It sits inside us all from birth. Waiting for the trigger. And the whoosh. Never knowing when the whoosh will come. Early age, later in life. Sadly for some it never comes.

The trigger. Teacher. A piece of music. Art. Sport. Or just a moment. An action or word. The switch is flicked.

For some it comes from adversity. Mine at 21. We both know that you’re not going to get this job. You must be used to disappointments. I wasn’t. Still not. The Chair of an interview panel two minutes into the biggest opportunity of my life. Not given a chance. How dare that person. In hindsight. Thank you. I needed a trigger. Even at an early age I was drifting. Once my passion had been ignited I was on fire. And still burning.

This week, along with others, my face and quote adorns Green Park tube station. Part of the brilliant Action, Not Just Words, diversity, equality and inclusion campaign by Korn Ferry. It includes a passionate ‘Everybody has a Story to tell’ video series ( . A poem from Desree Gumbs-Carty about now being the moment to create real change. And a new 4-step guide to DE&I in the workplace ( More information here:

Stephen Covey said the world’s greatest problems will be solved by passionate unleashed volunteers. Not pay, power and position.

Time to be unleashed.

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