Ice cream. Holding one. Between your toes of course. Or if a two year old with both hands clinging for dear life. Using my feet as hands has become a dying art. Particularly in winter. Woolly socks wrapped. But there are occasions. I tend to put Noah’s dummy in with my toes rather than mouth to reduce passing on germs.

Do you have wider hidden skills or talents. Made self-redundant. Forgotten about. Or slightly embarrassed about showing. A language. An art. Leftfield competence. Perhaps this post will provide a nudge. Dust it down. Kick it back into action.

The whole you is so important. Show up. Not just turn up. Realisation people buy just as much into you as the organisation you represent. Unhidden Clothing is a brilliant company. Victoria Jenkins makes it astounding. From not caring about self fashion I now want to buy her clothes.

A lightbulb lit moment. If any part of you lives in the shadows you start at a disadvantage. Making a difference. Start with yourself. It drove the decision to share my non work life with you. Buying into the whole package. The ice cream caused huge shrieks in our house. And then the copying. And messy floor. Not quite as dexterous these days.

Talent and skills are not about being an exhibitionist. There is a right side of right. Find that line. Show where you are sublime. Take the time. It will be more than fine.

Flake Friday.

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