Ecstatic. Welcome to the world. Our world. Noah Michael Nicholas Adams. Born on Saturday morning. A smidgen after breakfast. Weighing a healthy 7lb 13oz. From the Last Supper a couple of weeks ago To a just after dawn dash. Mum. Son. And Dad. We are all doing well.

First impressions. Beautiful. A hybrid of his twin sisters in looks. Pretty chilled. A 4 percenter. A baby that comes on its due date. If only he had been able to tell me last week!

An unsung hero of Purple Tuesday. By not coming during the proceedings! The taxi on call. Never needed. But nerves shredded. The thought of needing to get back. The irony. The midwife telling me to hurry up. In the toilet. Noah was on his way. And quickly.

Arrived two hours after getting to hospital. Calm. Magical experience. Home 9 hours later. Perfect.

A big name. Nicholas. After Kristine’s Dad who died suddenly just before first lockdown. Michael. After Michael Hill. A great friend. Colleague. No longer with us. Both will live on through Noah. Burden. No. A brilliant legacy.

Daddy delight Tuesday. Makes a difference from a Purple one!

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