#AreYouMyBrand. A powerfully clear message from the millions of disabled people across the world to organisations. Today. And for the next 364 and beyond. Purple Tuesday is the collective solution for anyone wanting to improve the disabled customer experience.

This is the sixth year of me standing in front of the iconic Piccadilly Lights to showcase disability to the world. My expression is always one of awe and ambition and disguising quite how cold it is getting that first visual. Feeling very privileged and humble. We have an opportunity to raise awareness and promote practical changes to transform lives. And to take wider society on the journey with us.

So much has changed even since I was last here 12 months ago. #PurpleTuesday is 5G connecting the lived experience and insights of disabled people with organisations of all sizes. Across all sectors. And global boundaries. The voices have got louder. More influential. And diverse. Alongside our disabled Ambassadors I have seen social media awash with support and solutions from disabled customers. And organisations who are #Allies. Real commitments. No sound bites or patronising empty rhetoric. Accessibility is getting traction. Why. Because it makes commercial and social common sense for so many people.

Over the coming hours you will see and hear from other celebrations right across the globe. From #HongKong. To the #US#Pakistan#UAE#Malaysia#Germany#Scotland. And across #England. Like. Share. Comment. And make disabled customers the story. Every day.

If you look closely at the visual you will see my normally scruffy persona has turned. Kitted out by DEWEY. Thank you you Chamiah Dewey. A fashion professional dedicated to making people of small stature feel great. I do. But could have done with thermal lining.

Celebrate. Enjoy. This is #PurpleTuesday.

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Words by: Mike Adams OBE

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