Up and Running

Up and running. #DisabilityConversation31. Inspired by my twin daughters. Second birthday trip to the farm. That photo. Tells 1,000 words. With a more current one. For both if you had panned out you would see people staring. Making comments. Changing the conversation. Need a permanent one. 31 relates to 31 December 2031. The deadline for clear-cut evidence.

Disability Conversation 31 is a labour of love. A passion. Desire to create a new normal. Independent. Not funded. A maverick among peer activity. Just me and a brilliant band of others tagged below. Others welcome.

Immediate call to action. The twins will be 12 in 2031. What matters to 12/13 year olds. Today. We need to know. Hear their voice. Disabled. Non-disabled. Act as intermediaries. Elicit the rich data and let us know via DC31@wearepurple.org.uk Easy. Question guide:

  • What do they enjoy doing?
  • What do they worry about?
  • What do they think about the future?

Bullet point answers. Will triangulate with focus groups. Easter report to our LinkedIn audience first. And then the hard work. Building a social curriculum to make these issues fully inclusive. Working with all. Embedding at all levels. Traction becoming a tornado for real change. We could blow out. I don’t think so. The time is now. My twins are depending on us. Our disability legacy to their generation.

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