Virtual Dock

Virtual dock. Guilty. You know that from a recent post. I can also confirm the online Speed Awareness Course was inclusive. I felt one of the naughty nine!

Shaky start. In the waiting room I was asked to show my drivers ID. I picked it up with my mouth and held it to the screen. Can you come a bit closer? I am not a giraffe! He confirmed it was me. That’s a relief! I thought of asking for the live captions function to be switched on. I didn’t need it so didn’t. I wonder what would have happened if I had?

As we all came together on screen I could see the others blink and then blink again. A man with no arms done for speeding. No. What a story to tell my mates. I could hear the collective but silent ‘perhaps life is not quite so bad as I thought …..’ And then we all moved on and it was more than fine.

I learnt stuff I already should know. Streetlights anywhere denotes 30 mph. Any number not in a red circle is advice but breaking the limit can be deemed careless/dangerous driving. And your speedometer already overreads your speed by 12%.

In a bizarre way this is real progress. Inclusive opportunities. Inclusive rules. For disabled people it’s a good sign. For me a sign to cut my adapted car speed!

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